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Truck accidents happen many ways

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Collisions involving tractor-trailers or other large trucks might be the worst accidents on the road. A massive vehicle can do tremendous damage, especially when traveling at high speeds. Speeding ranks as a top reason why truck crashes occur on New Jersey roads, but there are many other causes of truck accidents.

Common reasons for various truck accidents

Speeding is only one type of moving violation that may cause a truck crash. Tailgating, making ill-advised turns or lane changes, and not coming to complete stops at stop signs could all lead to accidents.

Sadly, a driver may commit moving violations due to alcohol or drug-induced impairments. Drunk driving continues to be a problem on Garden State roads and elsewhere. Truck drivers who use illegal and legal substances that impair their driving ability may put others in serious danger.

Even mere tiredness may lead to fatal accidents. A driver who feels fatigued might not be able to operate a semi-truck safely. Reaction time and perceptions could suffer, and the driver risks falling asleep at the wheel.

Distracted driving adds further troubles to truck and commuter safety. Even professionals who should know better may text or eat while driving. Distractions take many forms, and all kinds of distracted driving boost the potential for an accident.

Deadly truck accidents

What makes truck accidents worse than many motor vehicle accidents is the tendency to involve several vehicles in the collision. A multi-car pile-up could occur when a huge truck crashes into one car, sending it flying into others.

An insurance settlement might cover the victim’s losses when a truck driver is liable for the collision. There could even be several parties with truck accidents, meaning the victim may be able to file several insurance claims or lawsuits.