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Experienced Representation For Federal Offenses

Whether you are the subject of a federal crime investigation or are charged with a federal offense, these situations have far-reaching consequences. Federal investigations can span years, destroying your professional and personal reputation in the process. Mounting an effective defense against charges in federal court can be an expensive and intricate undertaking.

When you are trying to defend your constitutional rights and your freedom in federal court, you need an accomplished criminal defense attorney at your side. Since 1985, the legal team at The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger has skillfully advocated for individuals and organizations confronting serious criminal matters. Our trial lawyers have the legal acumen required to challenge federal counsel and protect your interests.

We diligently prepare for all aspects of your case

When you hire us, we will work tirelessly to establish a strong legal defense. If you are under investigation, we will take the steps required to determine your role in this investigation and help you prepare for hearings or testifying before a grand jury.

We provide aggressive advocacy to clients in New Jersey struggling with federal criminal matters that include:

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the rules of procedure for federal cases. We will use this knowledge to guide you through this complex process efficiently to limit unnecessary delays and expense.

A variety of challenges are associated with these cases. Federal prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal when they conduct investigations and attempt to secure a conviction. In addition, the penalties associated with this conviction are severe and may include time in federal prison and heavy fines.

We recognize these challenges and develop innovative strategies to address them. From handling concerns related to an investigation to preparing an appeal, we are ready to attend to all aspects of your case.

Contact us to take aggressive action from day one

If you suspect you are under investigation, ignoring this issue will not resolve it. We can help you gain control of your legal situation and develop an approach to confront the issue directly.

Arrange a confidential and free assessment when you email or call our firm at 732-702-0333. Our offices are conveniently located in Freehold and Point Pleasant.