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Freehold Search And Seizure Lawyers


Police officers and other law enforcement officials must follow strict protocols to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected during a search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment protects you from the unlawful search of your person, car, home and anywhere else you may have an expectation of privacy. At The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger,our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving search and seizure law. We will take every necessary step to protect your rights and challenge the evidence being used against you.

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Challenge An Illegal Seizure Of Property

If you were illegally searched, remember that you can challenge any evidence that officers intend to use against you in court. Our attorneys are experienced in the investigation of cases involving unlawful search and seizure and will aggressively protect your rights. We will also seek to suppress any evidence used to charge you in cases involving:

Fight Back After An Illegal Search And Seizure

You know when your rights have been violated. You know when an officer has stepped over the line. How can you prove it? If you feel that you were wrongfully searched on the street, while driving or in your own home, remember that you do have rights and you can fight back after an illegal search and seizure. Our legal team will take the time to hear your side of the story, build your defense and work strategically and aggressively to stop unlawful police conduct.

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