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Limiting The Impact A Conviction Has On Your Future

Our attorneys at The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger are committed to protecting your rights and opportunities before, during and even after your trial is over. We offer expungement legal services because we believe you should not suffer long-term consequences for a mistake after you have paid your fines and served your time.

How Can An Expungement Help Me?

After you are arrested or convicted of a criminal offense, this information is placed on your criminal record, which is public and easy to access. When landlords, employers and other interested parties conduct background checks, they look for criminal records that can be used to disqualify applicants from jobs, apartment leases and other important matters.

If you qualify to have your arrest record or conviction expunged, this information will not appear in background search results. Also, you are not legally obligated to tell a potential employer that you have been arrested or have been convicted of a crime after that record has been expunged.

We Are Qualified To Handle All Expungement Matters

In New Jersey, not all convictions are expungeable, and the expungement process is very technical. This is why it is crucial to get skilled advice from a criminal defense lawyer. Our attorneys have decades of experience addressing criminal matters, so we have a deep understanding of criminal procedures and laws.

You can depend on us to handle all issues related to your expungement, including:

  • Determining whether you qualify for expungement
  • Completing and submitting all necessary paperwork with the appropriate agency
  • Representing you in expungement hearings
  • Serving the expungement order on government agencies to ensure that they remove arrest or conviction records from their databases

If your record is not eligible for an expungement, we can explore other options to minimize the impact your past has on your future. Contact us today to learn how we can use the law to your benefit.

Looking For A Fresh Start? Contact Our Firm.

Call 732-702-0333 or email our criminal defense firm to schedule your free expungement analysis with a seasoned lawyer. Our firm is qualified to represent individuals throughout New Jersey. Visit us at any of our offices in Freehold or Point Pleasant.