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What is an alibi?

If you find yourself facing allegations of criminal activity, one of the simplest ways to show that you are not guilty of the crime is to demonstrate that you had an alibi.

Essentially, an alibi is simply evidence that you were somewhere else when the crime took place. While anyone can insist that they were somewhere else, an alibi that holds up is generally one that can be backed up by evidence or the testimony of someone else.

Why does your memory change?

Have you ever thought back on a memory only to realize that what you were remembering was a picture you have of the event? Have you ever told a story, feeling very sure of yourself, only to have someone else who was also there tell a very different story?

We trust our memories, and we feel like they're accurate. These types of experiences, however, show that they're not always accurate. They can change. They can be altered. Outside information -- like a photograph -- can make you sure that you remember something that you actually do not remember at all.

Can you get a sub-.08% DWI?

People often refer to the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers as if it means that driving with a lower BAC is safe and acceptable. The limit, of course, is .08% for most drivers. If someone has a .06% or a .07% BAC, then they think that they can't get arrested for drunk driving.

That's why people often talk about being able to wait it out after drinking. They have a glass of water and give it a half hour, hoping their BAC dips back below .08% before they have to leave.

Are you watching out for serious warehouse safety hazards?

In many areas in New Jersey and across the country, it is common for people to earn their livings by working in warehouses. Some people may not think this the most glamorous type of job, but it is one that helps you and many others earn an income and provide for yourself and your family.

Of course, working in a warehouse can come with serious safety risks. While you undoubtedly always hope to make it home safely at the end of your shift, you could face more chances of suffering injuries on the job than you may be aware of. As a result, in efforts to increase your chances of staying safe while working, you may want to recognize common warehouse safety hazards.

The risks of right-hand passing

Generally speaking, you should only pass other vehicles on the left when you're driving. Passing on the right is often unexpected and therefore more dangerous than passing on the left.

That said, many people do pass on the right in their cars, on their motorcycles and on their bicycles. Examples include when a car passes traffic at a red light in the right-turn lane and when a cyclist goes by in a bike lane.

Does police brutality stem from a lack of training?

Whenever you hear about cases of police brutality, you probably find yourself asking how it could possibly have happened. How did the situation escalate to that point? How could an officer who may have had a completely clean record get to the breaking point and essentially assault a civilian?

There are many reasons, of course, and these situations are very complicated. If there was an easy answer, it would not be as large of a problem as it is these days.

What are the leading causes of serious workplace injuries?

Workplace injuries can happen in every profession, from construction to health care. Some are minor and quickly recovered from.

Unfortunately, serious workplace injuries can have a serious impact on your future. Here are some of the most common injuries to look out for.

The difference between back sprains and strains

Back injuries are among the most common reasons that people have to miss time at work. In many cases, they suffer on-the-job injuries when overexerting themselves, trying to lift something that is too heavy, lifting without the proper technique or trying to lift without the necessary equipment and safety gear.

The two top types of back injuries and back pain are lumbar sprains and muscle strains. The symptoms may appear nearly identical to someone who isn't a medical professional, but the actual injuries are quite different.

Pedestrian hit by driver fleeing fender-bender

A driver in New Jersey apparently got into a fender-bender, and rather than sticking around to face the ramifications, decided to flee the scene. That was not a wise decision, as it turned out. The driver lost control, drove up on the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian.

Per reports from the news services and police in the area, the driver of the car was a 66-year-old man. The pedestrian that he hit was a 56-year-old man. Though that pedestrian did survive the crash, his injuries are said to be serious. He was simply standing near a stop sign on the side of the road when the second crash took place.

When is a police officer using excessive force?

Have you been in a situation where you believed an officer may have used excessive force? Do you understand what levels of force are considered acceptable?

Excessive police force is presumed when an officer applies physical force greater than what needs to be used against a person who is not resisting arrest. If an officer is accused of using excessive force while handling their law enforcement duties, they can be subject to criminal charges, such as assault or homicide.

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