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Does police brutality stem from a lack of training?

Whenever you hear about cases of police brutality, you probably find yourself asking how it could possibly have happened. How did the situation escalate to that point? How could an officer who may have had a completely clean record get to the breaking point and essentially assault a civilian?

There are many reasons, of course, and these situations are very complicated. If there was an easy answer, it would not be as large of a problem as it is these days.

What are the leading causes of serious workplace injuries?

Workplace injuries can happen in every profession, from construction to health care. Some are minor and quickly recovered from.

Unfortunately, serious workplace injuries can have a serious impact on your future. Here are some of the most common injuries to look out for.

The difference between back sprains and strains

Back injuries are among the most common reasons that people have to miss time at work. In many cases, they suffer on-the-job injuries when overexerting themselves, trying to lift something that is too heavy, lifting without the proper technique or trying to lift without the necessary equipment and safety gear.

The two top types of back injuries and back pain are lumbar sprains and muscle strains. The symptoms may appear nearly identical to someone who isn't a medical professional, but the actual injuries are quite different.

Pedestrian hit by driver fleeing fender-bender

A driver in New Jersey apparently got into a fender-bender, and rather than sticking around to face the ramifications, decided to flee the scene. That was not a wise decision, as it turned out. The driver lost control, drove up on the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian.

Per reports from the news services and police in the area, the driver of the car was a 66-year-old man. The pedestrian that he hit was a 56-year-old man. Though that pedestrian did survive the crash, his injuries are said to be serious. He was simply standing near a stop sign on the side of the road when the second crash took place.

When is a police officer using excessive force?

Have you been in a situation where you believed an officer may have used excessive force? Do you understand what levels of force are considered acceptable?

Excessive police force is presumed when an officer applies physical force greater than what needs to be used against a person who is not resisting arrest. If an officer is accused of using excessive force while handling their law enforcement duties, they can be subject to criminal charges, such as assault or homicide.

The mental impact of police brutality

There is a very clear physical impact from police brutality, and many victims wind up in the hospital. However, the overall epidemic of brutality can have a drastic mental and emotional impact on an entire community, even those who were not personality victimized themselves.

According to one report, for example, the African American community as a whole has seen an increase in stress and depression, along with related mental health issues, because of the rate at which members of that community get shot and killed by the police -- even when they are unarmed. The mental health for this entire community is suffering because of how common these incidents have become.

Younger teens face pressure to break the law

Has your child gotten arrested for breaking the law? Common crimes that young kids commit include shoplifting, drinking, using drugs and, when they're old enough to drive, breaking the speed limit.

No matter what your child has been accused of doing, though, you may find yourself wondering why they would have done it in the first place. You tried to teach them right from wrong. Why did they move away from those ideals?

Wrestling star gets sixth DWI charge in New Jersey

A former WWE wrestling star is in legal trouble after she was arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey. The case is notable because it is her sixth charge. It is also the third time that she has been picked up on these charges in the previous 12 months.

According to the authorities, the 46-year-old woman was going down Dupont Avenue in Seaside Heights. It is a one-way road, and she was driving the wrong direction. That was enough to warrant a stop, and the officers who talked to her then said that they discovered her license had been suspended. She was driving anyway.

The risks of driving with a suspended license

Most teenagers count down the days until they receive their driver's license in the mail. It's a symbol of personal freedom and the ability we have to transport ourselves. Most adults take this freedom for granted - until it's too late.

Reasons behind a license's suspension

Despite popular belief, suspensions are pretty common for most drivers, especially for drivers involved in multiple accidents. In New Jersey, driver's licenses operate on a point system where each traffic offenses is a specific amount of points. If you accumulate a particular number of points, you may receive a suspension.

Is it illegal for an officer to ignore excessive force?

The police use excessive force when arresting you. You don't know why. You're trying to cooperate, but one officer assaults you anyway. You suffer serious injuries during the arrest.

However, it's not just one officer at the scene. There is another officer who doesn't do anything to harm you, but who also doesn't do anything to stop the use of excessive force. They just stand by and watch as you plead for it to end.

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