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Freehold Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Compensation Construction Accidents

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work. Heavy equipment, loose electrical lines, scaffolding and unsecured premises can all lead to serious, even fatal injuries for workers. When you or someone you love suffers an injury in a construction site accident, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your benefits and rights to compensation. At The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger, our attorneys handle all aspects of construction accident claims, from workers’ comp benefits to personal injury claims.

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Immediate Investigations And OSHA Regulations

Construction companies, property owners and workers know that certain regulations are in place to ensure the safety of workers. If you were involved in an accident, it is important to have an independent investigation of the accident scene as soon as possible. Our attorneys will consult with witnesses, take photographs and work with experts to determine the cause of the accident and identify every party at fault. A violation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations could be evidence of negligence and should be used in assessment of any case.

New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers

We are experienced with construction job site injury cases involving:

Third-Party Injury Claims Involving Construction Sites

While most victims and families know they can collect workers’ comp for medical expenses and lost wages, many do not realize that they may be entitled to additional compensation for pain and suffering and other personal losses. Our attorneys will pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure that you recover maximum financial support to help you find security in the healing process.

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