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Rain, snow and car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Auto Accidents

As much as commuters prefer to drive in mild weather, road conditions in New Jersey may change without notice. Heavy rains may fall, and the winter could bring snow. Driving in the rain is not the same as driving in the snow, and some might be surprised to discover rainy conditions might contribute to a greater number of fatalities.

Rain and fatal accidents

A study conducted by the Jerry Insurance Agency reveals that driving in the rain might be more dangerous than commuting in the snow. One factor contributing to the danger is rain’s pervasiveness. Rain may repeatedly fall throughout the day and occur for several days. A snowstorm won’t likely last as long, and state workers typically move into action to clear the roads.

Regardless of what any studies may reveal, both rainy and snowy weather present dangers. However, drivers might worry about snowy conditions more. With rain, drivers may not adjust their behavior even though they should.

Safe driving

Whether rain or snow falls, drivers should alter their behavior to adjust to the driving conditions. Driving too fast on icy or wet roads increases the chances of skidding and crashing. Tailgating in rainy or snowy weather is also dangerous, as are other moving violations.

Drivers may consider purchasing snow tires since these tires provide more traction. During the rainy months, drivers should check their tires’ treads, as low treads undermine traction. Poor traction could contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

Drivers should be careful when driving in snowy or rainy conditions. Drivers who operate their vehicles negligently could be held liable for any harm they cause.