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Duration until reaching a truck accident settlement

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Truck accident victims may face severe injuries that could alter their lives. A passenger who faces years of recovery for a traumatic brain injury or a family who loses a loved one not only faces immediate physical and psychological consequences; financial responsibilities could loom. New Jersey victims and their survivors may wish to receive an accident settlement without delays, but the complexities of truck collisions may require added time.

Taking time to address a truck collision

When a car collides with another similar vehicle, the negligent party is often solely the driver. However, an overwhelming number of truck drivers work for companies that could be partially negligent for an accident. So might any mechanics who performed poor-quality work. With so many potentially negligent parties involved, litigation or settlement negotiations could take some time.

Similarly, truck crashes could involve multiple victims. A tractor-trailer may hit several vehicles, and other cars or trucks may collide due to the resultant chaos. Several victims may have claims for injuries, which may further add to the delays in settling a case.

Collisions involving multiple vehicles and victims would surely require extensive investigations. Many different people would have to speak to law enforcement, insurance agents, attorneys and others. Extensive investigations may require additional time to reach a conclusion.

Reaching a settlement or judgment

Not all truck or motor vehicle accidents result in long delays before settlements. An insurance company could try to settle the matter quickly, but claimants may wish to avoid rushing to settle. The insurance company might attempt to low-ball the settlement offer. However, longer negotiations could work in the claimant’s favor.

A settlement may cover lost income, medical bills and other losses. Accepting the highest possible amount could be in the injured party’s best interests.