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Texting and driving dangers

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Despite the vast safety features of modern vehicles, the rate of motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey is on the rise. There are new dangers on the road, and only caution and good knowledge can help modern drivers. The risks of the road aren’t just in regard to dangers that you encounter. Safety also has to do with the consequences of failing to obey the law.

Larger vehicles on the road

Vehicle size is a growing concern behind the rise of motor vehicle accidents. The larger that midsize trucks and big SUVs get, the more prone pedestrians and traditional vehicles become. Large vehicles require more care to operate, and the size of these trucks even spur people to become more aggressive behind the wheel. When tied to a driver also operating a cellphone, the dangers of large vehicles become imminent and result in big collisions.

The nuances of text driving

Driving while texting is illegal. However, motor vehicle accidents remain tied to drivers writing messages behind the wheel. The core issue with texting and driving is twofold. A driver’s hands need to move from the wheel. Secondly, their eyes leave the road to read messages and stroke the right keys. A driver loses control whenever their hands or eyes leave the task of driving.

Personal injuries

Pain and suffering are terms used to describe someone’s legal condition after a motor vehicle accident. Suffering, though could be physical, covers a number of non-traumatic injuries. Anything that alters one’s life, body or long-term mood is a legal case. All collisions have a potential for bodily harm, and roughly one out of every four accidents will be caused by texting.

Motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey

Issuing a subpoena for phone records is how a court proves or disproves texting and driving. The moment that messages are sent and responded to are recorded in these records, which is important to know if you’re contesting claims against you in a motor vehicle collision.