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Dealing with the insurance companies after a car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Firm News

In New Jersey, the victims of car accidents will naturally have dealings with their insurance company. This being a no-fault state, the personal injury protection coverage that every driver is required to carry can compensate victims for their monetary losses, or at least for their medical expenses. However, there are times when PIP coverage is not enough. Victims may have suffered one of the following injuries that qualify for the “serious injury” threshold:

• Extensive disfigurement or scarring
• Fractures
• Loss of limbs
• Loss of an unborn child

In such cases, victims may file a third-party insurance claim. Other states are at-fault states and allow victims to file such claims regardless of any injury threshold. Naturally, it’s another thing to receive the compensation that one deserves.

Dealing with more than one insurer

Most crash victims will be dealing early on with the insurance companies, and they will need to report their accident even if they themselves were not to blame. Insurance companies, looking to make a profit, will undoubtedly want to investigate the accident, know the extent of a victim’s injuries and perhaps try to get the victim to accept a low-ball settlement rather than go after the responsible driver.

Where a lawyer might make a difference

With legal representation, victims may avoid being taken advantage of. They may learn more about New Jersey’s comparative negligence law, which states that victims in a two-car crash can be eligible for damages as long as they are deemed 50% or less at fault.

Victims of motor vehicle collisions may start by having a case evaluation done. If you happen to have good grounds for a case, you may learn how much you could be eligible for in compensatory damages.