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Truckers’ caffeine intake may influence motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Many trucks pass through New Jersey. Since truckers drive long distances to get a delivery to its destination, drivers may consume coffee and other caffeinated drinks to stay awake and alert. As a recent survey shows, there may be a link between caffeine consumption and accident frequency.

Truckers are regulated in how long they can spend on the road. This is to prevent drowsy driving and other risky behaviors. However, in the current situation, truckers who are delivering essential items have been exempted from the rules. As research indicates, the use of caffeine could be the catalyst to a rise in motor vehicle accidents. In a recent study, drivers who consumed five or more cups of coffee or other caffeinated drinks per day had a 6% greater chance of being in a crash than their counterparts who drank one cup per day.

The study analyzed around 3,000 drivers. While the caffeine use was not a direct cause of crashes, other factors combined with caffeine use were viewed as contributory. These include having a poor diet, smoking, drinking greater amounts of alcohol, having worse sleep and having generally worse overall health. Statistically, 21.6% of those who had less caffeine were in a collision in the previous three years. For heavy caffeine drinkers, it was 27.8%. While coffee is viewed as the most commonly used caffeinated drink, energy drinks and pills containing caffeine were also part of the study.

Large trucks can be intimidating on the road. Since drivers are trying to complete their required task as soon as possible, there is a chance they will drive as fast as they can to achieve that. The change to the hours-of-service requirement along with drivers being distracted, under the influence or reckless might make these vehicles dangerous. A truck accident can lead to serious injuries with medical costs, the inability to work and other potential long-term challenges. There might even be a fatality. To recover compensation for what was lost, it may be wise to consult with a legal professional experienced in motor vehicle accidents to determine the next step in the process.