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Drunk Nanny Crashes Car in Toms River

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Criminal Law

A Toms River, New Jersey, woman hired to look after a baby boy for a few hours, was found upon the mother’s return passed out – after having drank to excess. Susan Porfido Gibson, 50, left the child crying in a soiled diaper while she drank, and then slept.

Ms. Porfido Gibson was referred from, who has since stated that they were “disheartened by this news.” They also confirmed that they are aiding local authorities.

After Ms. Porfido Gibson left the home, police stated that she then crashed her car into a fire hydrant. She was then arrested and charged with drunk driving and endangerment of a child. Three empty vodka bottles were found inside her vehicle at the time of her apprehension.

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