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Why construction site injuries are so common

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Construction zones are dangerous for everyone. For New Jersey drivers who are just trying to get through them and make their way to work, unpredictable changes in road conditions and ample distractions make accidents all the more likely. These zones also pose a huge risk for those who work in them, and the big difference between the drivers and the workers is that the drivers have the protection of a vehicle; the workers typically do not.

Due to the high number of auto accidents in work zones, working in road construction can be a hazardous profession full of workers’ comp claims. According to the Department of Transportation, these numbers have only continued to increase, and about half of the cases involved incidents of vehicles striking pedestrians. The need for drivers to slow down and pay close attention when passing through these construction zones has never been greater.

Road worker safety is in drivers’ hands

For those who live in areas where the roads seem perpetually torn up and repaved, navigating a construction zone may seem like second nature. However, it’s still important to pay active attention to what’s going on. Driving through a construction zone is not the place to be flipping into autopilot because there’s a higher likelihood that something unpredictable will happen.

People who aren’t used to navigating road construction sites should pay careful attention to signs and follow other drivers. If possible, it’s best to find an alternative route to eliminate a potentially hazardous situation altogether.

Driving in a construction zone

The best thing you can do to keep road workers safe is to simply slow down, giving yourself more time to react to what happens on the road. To persuade drivers to observe this precaution, traffic fines are sharply increased in these zones. Unfortunately, many still ignore these rules, putting other drivers and pedestrian workers at risk.

Roads will always need maintenance to keep them safe and functional, but road workers often have to put themselves in harm’s way to get the job done. It’s up to the people in the driver’s seat to go the extra mile in paying attention and being cautious in these zones to prevent injuries from occurring.