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What occurs after a DUI arrest in NJ?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Motorists who get behind the wheel when they are impaired by alcohol or drugs need to know what will happen if they are arrested by police for suspicion of DUI. From the time you are stopped by police until the time that your case comes to an end, there are many instances where making the wrong decision could result in a lifetime of negative consequences.

The law and DUI arrests

Police may use several different tactics to determine if someone is driving under the influence. They may administer field sobriety tests to see if the driver is able to complete these tasks without showing signs of impairment. If the motorist fails these tests, it is likely that the driver will be arrested. The individual will likely be administered a blood or breath test to check their BAC or determine if other substances are present in the person’s system.

After the arrest, the accused goes to court to hear the charges against him or her. In New Jersey, a first-time DUI offense could land someone in jail for “up to 30 days.” A second offense is 48 hours to 90 days, and the third is 180 days. Fines, license revocations, and other penalties also come with convictions.

The benefits of having legal representation

When you are facing DUI charges, it is important to understand your options. A careful review of the facts of your case will determine the possible defenses available to you. For example, did police follow all procedures during your arrest? If not, you may be able to exclude some of the evidence that prosecutors wish to use against you. In some circumstances, your attorney may even be able to negotiate with the prosecution to potentially lower the charges against you.

Before you make any decisions about your case, be sure to take the time to discuss your situation who can explain exactly what things mean for you. Pleading guilty might seem like an easy way to put the matter to rest, but just because your case comes to an end, it doesn’t mean that everything is over. The penalties that are connected to DUI could follow you around for the rest of your life, and make it impossible for you to achieve your goals.