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Employers get help in knowing what to record on OSHA’s Form 300

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

OSHA has a log of work-related injuries and illnesses called Form 300, and the organization requires employers in New Jersey and across the U.S. to record certain incidents on it. These include incidents where an injury leads to medical treatment beyond first aid. They also include injuries involving loss of consciousness, a transfer to a different job, restrictions on what victims are currently doing and time off work.

Failure to record injuries that fall under OSHA criteria can result in fines and other penalties. Many employers do not know about these criteria and those who do face understandable challenges when it comes to determining whether a given situation should be recorded. For this reason, XpertHR has released a list of Top 10 Q&As and a Checklist for OSHA Compliance. It goes over the challenges and even provides real-world scenarios for an illustration.

The documents can be accessed online. One can read about scenarios like workers fainting on the job, seasonal workers being injured and others being injured on business trips or through poor ergonomics in the workplace. XpertHR then evaluates these scenarios in light of OSHA’s guidelines.

Injured employees, for their part, may want to consult an attorney who works in the field of workers’ compensation law to learn more about filing a claim. They are eligible for wage replacement and for the reimbursement of all medical expenses, but they may have to mount an appeal since employers have the right to deny workers’ comp claims.

Victims who have achieved maximum medical improvement may strive for a settlement where they give up some benefits in order to receive a specific amount, usually in a lump sum. The lawyer may discuss the process. If an appeal must be made, the lawyer may assist with this as well.