When you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, you have a right to seek compensation for all your losses. Some can be easily established, including lost wages and income, as well as actual medical expenses. Others, such as pain and suffering, may not be so easy to calculate, particularly when you have been the victim of a burn injury. Though you’ll still be able to pursue damages for out-of-pocket or “economic” losses, you should also seek compensation for the less tangible consequences of the accident.


Burn injuries are among the most devastating, causing both physical pain and permanent scarring and disfigurement. With more serious burns, it’s more than just the physical pain associated with the burns. The damage to your skin and other body parts will likely be permanent and severely limit your mobility, as well as your ability to engage in normal activities, such as walking or using your arms/hands. You may experience significant pain simply trying to move about at all.

In addition to the physical pain, there’s also significant emotional pain that can accompany serious burn injuries. Unfortunately, most serious burn victims have extensive scarring or disfigurement, which can make them the object of unwanted attention and embarrassment. It’s not uncommon for burn victims to become depressed because of the nature of permanent injuries. Any damage award or settlement should take the long-term consequences of this into account.


Under the law, it is possible to collect “punitive damages,” provided you can show that the defendant was grossly negligent. The objective of punitive damages is to both punish the wrongdoer and to send a message to others in a similar position. The threat of punitive damages can also be an incentive to settle a claim.


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