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On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Personal Injury


The city of Millville, New Jersey has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed last month in Cumberland County Superior Court. The legal action seeks unspecified damages based on allegations of improper conduct by New Jersey State Police officers in February, 2015. Sources say the New Jersey State Police have not been named as defendants, but may still be.

According to the documents filed, a 45-year-old Millville man alleges that he suffered personal injury during a search at his residence. The man, who lived on Brooks near 19 East McNeal Street at the time of the incident, says that city and state police came to his residence on February 6,2015, with a search warrant, seeking evidence related to a drug investigation. As a result of the search, officers found a quantity of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia.

The Millville man has not denied that he had illegal contraband, but contends that, when police arrived and arrested him, they restrained him with plastic or wire bands, instead of handcuffs, and left him that way for approximately four hours. He further claims that he was subjected to unnecessary and excessive force, and that the plastic or wire bands caused injury to his hands and wrists, and aggravated a prior condition, requiring medical treatment.

Attorneys say it remains unclear whether any state police officers placed restraints on the plaintiff, explaining why state police had not been named as defendants.


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