Workers’ compensation claims can be changed or modified under certain circumstances in New Jersey. This is the case even if your workers’ compensation claim has been closed. Is your condition that was caused by a work-related injury or illness getting worse?

Talking your situation over with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer may help you decide if your situation warrants a modification or re-opening of your original workers’ compensation claim.

Examples of situations in which a workers’ compensation claim may potentially be modified include:

  • You are entitled to additional temporary benefits.
  • Your physical condition has improved and you no longer need permanent disability.
  • Your physical condition has worsened and you need your permanent disability increased.
  • You were overpaid benefits.
  • There was an honest mistake on the part of you or your employer.
  • Other changes have occurred that could affect your workers’ compensation benefits.

Issues that may need to be considered and possibly proved include:

  • Your worsening illness, injury or pain was caused by the original work-related problem.
  • Your worsening condition sourced from your original work-related injury or illness is further limiting your ability to work, so you need to have your benefits increased.
  • A health problem has arisen that is new or was not known at the time the claim from your original work injury or illness was closed. However, it is now clear that you need further medical treatment due to the original injury.

It is important that you seek the guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you build a strong case for a modification or re-opening of your claim.


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