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The legal limit for alcohol applies even if you can drive safely

The blood alcohol limit for drivers varies based on their age and the kind of vehicle they operate. However, for most adults who are old enough to legally consume alcohol, the state applies a firm limit to their blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  You may realize that...

Can you get a sub-.08% DWI?

People often refer to the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers as if it means that driving with a lower BAC is safe and acceptable. The limit, of course, is .08% for most drivers. If someone has a .06% or a .07% BAC, then they think that they can't get...

Breathalyzer Errors in New Jersey

If you have been arrested on a New Jersey DWI charge, it does not mean you are automatically going to be convicted. There are ways to mount a successful defense against a DWI or DUI charge, particularly in regard to the breath alcohol test.Issues continue with the...