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Don’t let picnics and beach trips lead to a summer DUI charge

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | DWI

Those who are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) charges in New Jersey often have no intention of breaking the law. Although there are some people who consistently drive after drinking, many others get in trouble after a single mistake. People are notoriously very bad at evaluating themselves for signs of chemical impairment. Additionally, people often find themselves in scenarios where they feel like they must drive themselves or other people at home after ingesting alcohol. Despite their attempts to be cautious, they may draw the attention of police officers.

Drivers don’t have to cause crashes to get arrested for a DUI offense. Just being over the legal limit for one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is enough to trigger criminal charges. With summer socialization now taking over people’s calendars, individuals may need to be extra careful about the risk of a DUI charge after a beach trip or picnic.

Summer experiences more drunk driving crashes

Police officers are usually on high alert throughout the summer and especially around holidays. Researchers from private organizations and federal safety agencies review crash records as a way to find trends. Finding common factors that connect serious crashes can lead to more safely designed vehicles, better traffic laws and enhanced public safety.

One of the trends that consistently shows up year after year is a summertime spike in drunk driving. The summer accounts for roughly 28% of all impaired driving traffic fatalities each year, with the major holidays representing the biggest statistical spike in such collisions. Those who head out to the beach or a family picnic to celebrate could end up pulled over and then arrested on the way back home.

How people can protect themselves

There are several ways for individual motorists to reduce their risk of DUI charges during the summer months. Limiting one’s consumption of alcohol and remaining properly hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages while engaging in outdoor socialization is important. So too is giving the body adequate time to metabolize the alcohol that someone consumed.

Finally, having a safe way to get back home that doesn’t require someone to drive after drinking all day at the beach could make all the difference. Understanding when the police are on high alert for DUI offenses may help people avoid mistakes that could lead to their arrest and prosecution.