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What if someone gets into a crash while on the clock?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Some people don’t make it to work in the morning because they end up involved in a collision during their morning commute. The vast majority of working professionals in New Jersey have to arrive at work in person and could end up hurt because of their daily commute. If a crash occurs on the way to or from work, when that is largely an issue that the worker has to handle on their own.

However, many people have to drive at least occasionally as an aspect of their employment. Maybe they work as a home health aide and spend their shifts traveling to the homes of different clients. Perhaps they perform on-site repairs to electronics. Workers who drive while on the clock – or while otherwise engaged in activities directly related to their job duties – could potentially end up in a motor vehicle collision while working. What then?

Workers’ compensation coverage may apply after some collisions

Not every New Jersey motorist involved in a crash receives appropriate support from the other driver’s liability insurance. When a driver is at fault for a collision, their insurance coverage may only protect the other parties affected. Thankfully, the coverage available through workers’ compensation does not factor in personal fault.

An employee involved in an on-the-job crash may qualify for both medical coverage and disability benefits even if they are to blame for the collision. No-fault coverage does not require that a worker prove that they are blameless, which can be particularly beneficial after a car crash.

Employees are more likely than they may realize to experience collisions while working. Car wrecks have long been one of the most common causes of catastrophic work injuries and employee deaths. Workers might refuse to drive as part of their employment if they couldn’t count on having protection from that major safety concern.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can help someone cover their health care costs and replace the wages they cannot earn while recovering from injuries after a collision on the clock. Employees familiar with the rules for New Jersey workers’ compensation can more easily recognize when a benefits claim is an option.