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The dangers of workplace eye injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are far too common in New Jersey. While some of these injuries may heal, others may be much more permanent and have higher costs for a person’s ability to live as before. This is certainly true of eye injuries that occur while on the clock.

Causes of workplace eye injuries

An unsafe workplace can create many hazards for workers. Some of these hazards can cause permanent disability. This is certainly true of injuries to the eye that can result in permanent blindness or even worse. Such hazards can include:

  • flying debris, particles or objects
  • falling objects
  • improper use of tools and machinery
  • chemical exposure
  • radiation exposure
  • burns
  • workplace violence
  • dimly lit or dark workplaces
  • vehicle accidents

There are many ways that a person’s eyes can be injured while on the job. Still, such risks should always be eliminated. Not doing so is probably a sign of employer negligence. All workers are entitled to safe workplace. Workers who are injured in such ways are owed workers’ compensation.

Symptoms of eye injuries

Getting immediate medical attention for any injury to the eye is important. If untreated, such injuries could result in permanent blindness. This is part of why you should be aware of the symptoms of eye injuries and always obtain medical attention if there is any chance your eyes were injured. Such symptoms include:

  • changes in vision
  • eye swelling
  • double vision
  • eye pain
  • torn or bleeding eyelid
  • aching in the eyes or eyebrows
  • headaches

No matter the case, immediate medical attention should be sought. This should include the application of first aid. It may even require requesting emergency medical services and an ambulance. Overall, don’t ignore a serious eye injury or any workplace injury. The injury could easily be much worse than you assume. Even minor eye injuries should require immediate attention.

Every worker deserves a safe workplace. If there are hazards that can cause injuries to the eyes, or any other body part for that matter, that employer should be held accountable and the worker should be properly compensated.