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Dealing with workplace hernias

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

You can often end up with a work-related hernia regardless of your New Jersey occupation, although some jobs are more likely to produce one than others. While these injuries are easy to diagnose, you don’t necessarily have to stop performing your job as you may have in the past. Getting treated for a hernia is quite straightforward.

What are hernias?

Hernias occur when your body has a weakness in the torso, allowing your organs to push forward. Some individuals have no symptoms, while others experience significant pain. Whatever category you fit into, you need to get this defect fixed, as this type of workplace injury can take a long time to heal.

Take precautions when lifting

Employees can get lifting jobs done faster and with less stress on their bodies when using lifting equipment such as hoists, jacks or forklifts whenever possible. Wearing a stabilizing belt when lifting can also help, along with using proper form and technique. Using a wide, stable base can go a long way toward protecting your abdominal muscles. When you squat down to lift, keep your back straight, look straight ahead, use your hips to assist and avoid rushing the lift.

What if I need surgery?

Effective treatment is readily available for hernias. Problems can result if your workers’ compensation claim is initially rejected, so you need to prove that your job caused the injury to occur. Frequently, thorough preparation and filing of subsequent papers can make the difference between a successful first claim and filing an appeal.

However, plaintiffs should not give up after the courts have initially denied a claim. Often, plaintiffs must provide additional qualifying information to prove their initial claim is valid. That’s why it is essential to keep thorough records to prove that your hernia was caused by the lifting actions that occur with your job. Whatever your injury issue may be, make sure you document all medical records.