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Metalworkers face dangers at their jobs

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Metalworkers serve a vital duty in the industrial industry. Without their skills, an untold number of products would never reach New Jersey consumers. The tasks performed by metalworkers come with many hazards, as injury risks exist. The injuries range from minor to life-altering.

Metalworking hazards

Metalworkers must handle various materials as part of the job, and these duties may put them at risk for harm. Dealing with metal materials might lead to cuts and abrasions, and some lacerations could be severe. If an object or hazardous material hits a worker in the eye, the result could be partial or full blindness.

Metalworkers may suffer burns, as exposure to extremely hot metals is routine for many professionals. One mishap might result in third-degree burns or worse. Sometimes, metal becomes hot because of sun exposure. A worker might not even know that the metal is dangerous to touch.

Metalworking facilities could be busy environments, meaning people can bump into each other or trip over objects. So, slip and fall risks loom, as does the danger of getting hit with a falling object. Workers might find their routine day ends with an unexpected injury.

Injuries may result from years of performing tedious tasks. Such is the case with repetitive motion injuries. Back sprains and other injuries might develop over the years, leaving the worker looking at a possible early retirement.

Worker’s comp benefits

An understandable concern among metalworkers centers on how they can support themselves when recovering from an injury. Workers’ compensation benefits could cover expenses while the person can return to work. Workers must follow the necessary steps to file a claim to receive consideration.

Persons denied their benefits have options to appeal. So, an initial denial might not be the end of the process.