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Actions to take after a car crash

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Auto Accidents

No one plans on getting into a car crash, but accidents can happen without warning on New Jersey roads. Not all motor vehicle collisions are severe, but accident victims must act appropriately for their safety. And yes, the victims must take steps to address potential legal actions if their injuries derive from negligence.

Post-accident steps

Checking for injuries is a wise first step to take. Drivers should check themselves and passengers to determine if any injuries are serious. Moving to a safe location could avoid another mishap on the road, as oncoming traffic presents hazards.

Contacting the police and – if necessary – medical first responders is a vital next step. When the police arrive on the scene, they will write a report. The report could serve as evidence when filing a civil action against the negligent party. Accident victims may find it necessary to document evidence on their own to make a strong claim.

Evidence and legal considerations

Procuring contact and insurance information from the other party/parties is important after motor vehicle accidents. Giving chase could prove regrettable if the other driver speeds from the scene. Contacting the police to handle a hit-and-run would be better.

Gathering evidence at the scene is another common step accident victims take. Gathering evidence may include everything from taking pictures of the damaged vehicle and accident scene to procuring witness contact info.

When another driver inflicts injuries or property damage on another person, the driver could face a civil claim. The driver may need to pay compensatory and punitive damages if proven negligent. An auto liability policy could often cover compensatory claims up to the policy’s limits. Victims might need to seek a punitive judgment in court.