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What are the most dangerous highways in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Driving an automobile allows people to travel almost anywhere they want to go. With that said, some roads are more dangerous than others. Certain highways throughout New Jersey are where thousands of accidents occur each year. Here’s a closer look at some of the most dangerous highways in New Jersey.

Route 27

If you want to stay away from some of New Jersey’s most dangerous roads, you’ll want to avoid Route 27. In 2019, this stretch of highway was the site of 3,134 automobile accidents. The most dangerous section of this deadly highway was between Henry Street and Churchill Avenue.

Route 35

You might also risk getting into a motor vehicle accident while traveling on New Jersey’s Route 35. Data from 2019 shows that Route 35 was the site of 2,583 car crashes. The most dangerous stretch of road on this highway is between Alexander Road and Provinceline Road.

Route 22

Another dangerous highway to drive on in New Jersey is Route 22. During 2019, 3,310 crashes occurred on this highway. One reason this highway is so dangerous is due to its infamous center median where drivers often make unsafe U-turns.

Route 9

While you’re driving in New Jersey, you’ll want to be extremely careful on Route 9. In 2019, 4,519 crashes took place on this stretch of highway. Out of these collisions, 185 of them happened between Thorcockmorton Street and Spring Valley Road.

Route 70

Route 70 is another one of New Jersey’s deadliest highways. Data from 2019 shows that 2,032 motor vehicle accidents took place on Route 70. Many of these crashes happened between the Garden State Parkway and Locust Street.

Like any other state, New Jersey is home to certain highways that are more dangerous than others. Before you drive on any of the previously mentioned highways, make sure you’re driving safely and staying aware of your surroundings.