Although legal redress has long been available for individuals who have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s still a very significant problem in the United States. It can take a couple different forms. Your boss or a supervisor may either offer you work-related benefits in exchange for sexual favors or may threaten you with punishment if you refuse sexual overtures-that’s known as quid pro quo (Latin for “this for that:) sexual harassment. Alternatively, your company may foster or condone an environment where sexual themes, references, pictures and innuendoes are pervasive. This type of sexual harassment is referred to as the creation of a hostile environment based on sex.


When you are the victim of unwanted sexual advances or a hostile environment based on sex, you can be uncertain about how to best protect yourself and your rights. You may be uncertain whether the actions are sufficient to form the basis of a lawsuit, whether you should report the improper conduct and may even fear retaliation if you say anything. For those reasons, it’s often best to retain an attorney before you notify your employer.

Among the benefits you’ll reap from immediately contacting an experienced sexual harassment law attorney are:

  • You’ll be better able to carefully and fully document all instances of harassment
  • You’ll know the best time to report the harassment to your employer
  • You’ll know what to do if the harassment continues after you’ve notified your employer
  • You’ll be better prepared to document any retaliation your employer might take


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