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On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | AUTO ACCIDENTS


When you are involved in an accident, chances are good that you’ll replay the events over and over in your mind, like a video that keeps looping. You may think you’ll never forget exactly what happened. You may be surprised then, when you’re in a deposition a year later, that everything seems less than clear. It happens to all of us-that’s why it’s a good idea to sit down in the immediate aftermath of events and take notes about what you recall. But you don’t want to just sit down one time and try to remember everything-our brains don’t function very well that way. The better strategy-keep a journal and make notes any time you remember something from the accident. Here are the important things to write down

  • What happened-This is something that you’ll want to do as soon as possible, perhaps even on the scene, provided you have received all the medical attention you need. Don’t limit yourself to the accident and ensuing events. Note where you were going, why you were going there, who was with you, what time it was and what you did immediately before the accident-this can be an effective way to trigger clear memories in the future.

    Include notes about anything you saw or heard in the moments before the accident, and exactly what you felt at the time of the accident. Also include any comments you heard others make about the accident and get names and contact information for those people, if possible.

  • Your injuries-Keep a journal of everything you see and feel physically in the days, weeks and months following your accident. Make certain to note anything that seems different or out of the ordinary. Don’t focus on the obvious injuries-broken bones or lacerations-and ignore or forget about the seemingly minor injuries. A soft tissue injury can have more long term consequences that a fracture.
  • Economic or other types of losses-Keep receipts for any expenditures related to your injury, from doctor’s bills to repair bills for your car. Keep track of any time lost at work, any changes you had to make on the job to accommodate injuries, or any personal activities you’ve had to forgo because of your injuries.


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