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Toms River law enforcement is still searching for the men who successfully robbed two banks within the space of 90 minutes! They made off with an undisclosed sum of money.


In today's business world, with its emphasis on profits and maximizing shareholder value, and the complex financial tools that can be used to meet the daily needs of your company, you can unfortunately fall victim to misunderstanding, malice or the overzealousness of career-seeking prosecutors. Charges of embezzlement, fraud or misappropriation of property can be devastating, even if you are eventually cleared of all wrongdoing. Without effective legal counsel, you can be convicted in the court of public opinion, often rendering an acquittal meaningless. Your reputation and your career may suffer irreparable damage.


When you have been hurt during the course of your employment, you can be uncertain about how to pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses. Can you only seek recovery through a workers' compensation claim? Do you have to rely on the opinion of a company-selected doctor to get the treatment you need?


It happens more than you think. You go to the grocery store or to a restaurant, or you stop by someone's house. There's a broken step or a slippery floor or sidewalk and you fall. You might break a bone, sprain a knee or wrench your neck. You find that you are in constant pain, that you can't work without hurting, that you can't do the things that bring joy to your life.


In the hustle and bustle of today's world, with increasing traffic on the roads, more and more pedestrians are suffering injury because of the carelessness or negligence of motor vehicle operators. In most instances, drivers simply fail to exercise the degree of care necessary to protect the rights of innocent pedestrians. Unfortunately, when the human body collides with a few thousand pounds of metal, the injuries are usually serious and catastrophic. You have rights and remedies.


When you are stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, you may be asked at some point to submit to a field sobriety test. You may be uncertain whether you have the right to refuse to take a field sobriety test or if there are consequences to a refusal. This blog post addresses these issues.


The consequences of a DWI conviction can be devastating. In addition to fines, penalties and even jail time, you will likely face higher motor vehicle insurance premiums, and can put your employment at risk. While the best way to avoid a DWI charge is to stay off the road when you have been drinking, there are other things you can do to reduce the risk you will be pulled over, or, if you are pulled over, that you will be arrested:

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