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People facing Municipal Court and Superior Court drug charges in New Jersey are up against determined prosecutors and a legal environment which if left unchallenged, can favor the government. If you have been arrested for drug crimes, you need an effective and experienced CDS defense lawyer who will defend your rights and freedom.

At The Law Office of Mallon and Tranger, we defend persons accused of drug charges aggressively, using all of the legal tools and strategies available to us. Knowledgeable and experienced in search and seizure rules, we rigorously examine every aspect of a case looking for ways of exonerating our client or obtaining dismissal of drug charges.

Our goal in every case is to obtain the very best outcome possible.

New Jersey CDS and Drug Charges Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Mallon and Tranger defends clients facing all types of Municipal Court and Superior Court drug charges, including:

  • Possession of all types of drugs and controlled dangerous substances (CDS) — marijuana, cocaine, heroin, pain killers, steroids, methamphetamine, etc.
  • Possession of drugs with intent to distribute
  • Sale and distribution of drugs
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • And others

Attorneys Who Know The Law

The founders of our firm understand how a drug arrest happens and how drug possession charges are prosecuted. From first hand experience, they know the New Jersey criminal justice system.

We look at every possible angle of the case — the search and discovery process, the arrest, the seizure of the evidence, the post-arrest treatment — to find effective ways to counter the prosecutors. We know the law, and how to use it to protect our clients’ rights and their freedom.

Contact a CDS and drug charges defense attorney at The Law Office of Mallon and Tranger for a free consultation. Fill out or contact form online or please call our Freehold, Point Pleasant or Tom’s River office locations at 732-780-0230.

For more information regarding criminal defense, please visit our criminal defense page.

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