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Deadly New Jersey roads

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Auto Accidents

While New Jersey is neither the largest nor the most populous state, the proximity to the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas contributes to its significant number of travelers. Roads and highways in the Garden State might find considerable numbers of vehicles contributing to congestion, and some locations experience high collision rates. Knowing where the most dangerous roads are may help with avoiding deadly crashes.

Dangerous roads

Considering its proximity to Atlantic City, US-40 from West End Avenue to Noah’s Road, many New Jersey residents won’t feel surprised that it ranks at number one on the list. Between 2018 and 2020, this stretch of road experienced 11 fatalities. The stretch of road with the fewest fatal accidents of the most dangerous roads during the same two-year period, SR-27 from La Rose Avenue to S. Adelaide Ave, experienced seven fatal collisions.

The overall statistics from 2018 to 2020 reveal 1,596 fatal accidents occurred. Often, negligence contributed to the collisions and loss of life. Often, those at fault for such accidents face civil lawsuits.

Causes of fatal crashes

Moving violations and reckless behaviors played a significant role in the fatal collisions during the timeframe. The two top offending behaviors were drunk driving and speeding. Reportedly, driving too fast and operating a vehicle under the influence caused 40% of motor vehicle accidents.

Distracted driving contributed to many crashes, which is unsurprising. Technology expands how a driver may become distracted behind the wheel. Infotainment systems and smartphones add to the problem. That said, traditional distracting behaviors, such as rubbernecking and eating while driving, may lead to a crash.

Regardless of the specific negligence, at-fault drivers could face compensation claims for the damages they cause. However, the specifics could factor into punitive damage awards in situations involving gross negligence.