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Can you file a reckless driving lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Auto Accidents

New Jersey has more than 6 million licensed drivers. With so many drivers in the state, motor vehicle accidents occur often. Most New Jersey drivers practice safe driving when behind the wheel. But others engage in reckless driving and make the roads unsafe.

Motor vehicle accidents often result in reckless driving lawsuits. Are you recovering from an injury received in a motor vehicle accident? If so, you might have a right to compensation if the driver was reckless. Below are some examples of reckless driving.

Driving too fast for current road conditions

New Jersey gets its fair share of snow. Roads are sometimes covered with snow and ice during the winter. Driving fast on a slick road is reckless – no matter the speed limit. It’s easy to lose control of a vehicle when driving on roads covered with snow and ice. Even if the speed limit is 65MPH, going 65MPH is reckless if the roads are bad.

Making sudden lane changes

Some drivers constantly make sudden lane changes without signaling. They weave through traffic in a rush to reach their destination. Changing lanes without signaling takes other drivers by surprise. This often results in major car accidents on highways and freeways.

Drunk driving

Drunk drivers caused 25 percent of New Jersey car crash fatalities in 2020. That doesn’t include crashes caused by people affected by medications or illegal drugs. Driving while impaired is reckless, and threatens everyone’s safety.

Driving too close to other vehicles

Tailgating is driving too close behind another vehicle. It’s also a major cause of rear-end vehicle crashes. You never know when a vehicle will make a sudden stop. If there’s not enough space between vehicles, then the car in the back won’t have time to stop.

There are many more examples of reckless driving to watch out for. The ones mentioned above are some of the most common. Reckless drivers cause injuries, and fatalities and make the roads unsafe for everyone. If you’ve been hurt by a reckless driver, you might have grounds for a reckless driving lawsuit.