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New Jersey police and use of force

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Police Brutality

In New Jersey, the police have rules and guidelines about their use of force. They have different categories of incidents in which force can be used, and they are supposed to follow these guidelines to minimize the risk of an injury or death while detaining someone.

Use of force

Chokeholds are banned in New Jersey, but cops can use other standing holds to attempt to detain someone. If a standing hold does not work, they can progress to a takedown that will bring the suspect to the ground. Whether they are on the ground or not, the police may use punches, kicks, and other types of strikes in an attempt to subdue the suspect. That includes strikes to the legs, arms, and body. Use of force guidelines show that cops are trained to target fatty or muscular areas to minimize injury.

If a suspect is still resisting, then the police move on to using tools. These include pepper spray and other chemical deterrents, using their batons to hit people, using a taser or other stunning weapon, and using attack dogs. These are an escalation of force. Lastly, officers have access to their guns, which are always considered deadly force and which the officers will use if they feel it is needed. Cops do not fire warning shots and will use as much force as they feel is necessary.

Cases like shootings automatically trigger investigations, but sometimes it takes a court case to unwind incidents of police brutality and bring them to justice. The police often have little oversight about their use of force and much comes down to their own judgment.