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Workplace safety tips

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a safe and healthy environment is not just a personal and workplace responsibility because it is the right thing for you and others, but it is also required by New Jersey state laws. While every job is unique, here are some tips that apply to almost every employee.

Know your surroundings

Every workplace in New Jersey is susceptible to safety hazards. You should be aware of everything happening around you for your safety and that of others. Organize every item in its correct location to avoid accidents like slips, trips, and falls and will avoid lost time and workers’ compensation claims.

Take regular breaks

One of the greatest threats to your safety is being tired. Several studies have shown that the effects of being fatigued are similar to being inebriated. The parts of your brain dealing with decision-making, concentration, balance, memory, and motor skills are all affected. To avoid this, take regular breaks throughout your shift. This will help you stay alert and focused on your work.

Follow the safety procedures

Every workplace has its own set of safety procedures. They exist to keep everyone safe while they are working. Unfortunately, some people take shortcuts when following such instructions. Just because someone got away with that alternative method doesn’t mean it’s right; it may have just been their lucky day. So ensure to be familiar with your workplace safety procedures and follow them religiously. Additionally, stay updated on any changes made to your drills.

Report unsafe conditions

Every machinery or item you use in your workstation should be in its best state. Sure, you can’t stop the wear and tear, but you can prevent it from harming you. Therefore, if you notice any unsafe conditions at your job site, report them to your supervisor immediately. They should then take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

A safe workplace creates a conducive environment for employees and employers to give their best. Therefore, comply with all the guidelines put in place, and encourage your colleagues to also adhere to them. In a workplace, you are as safe as your neighbor.