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Solutions for workers facing eye problems

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Developing vision-related problems can be devastating for workers in New Jersey. Thankfully, workers’ compensation can help workers who have suffered an eye injury while on the job. If you are an employee who recently suffered an eye injury while working, it is important to know your right to seek appropriate compensation.

How do workers develop eye problems?

One of the most common ways that workers develop vision problems is by exposure to hazardous materials. Chemicals, particles, and other debris can cause serious harm to the eyes if they are not properly protected.

Secondly, workers can develop vision problems from sustained exposure to bright light. This is often a problem for workers in factories or other industrial settings who are constantly exposed to sunlight or artificial lighting. Prolonged exposure to bright light can cause a condition called photokeratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea due to UV radiation.

Workers can also develop vision problems as a result of physical injuries. Eye trauma, such as being hit in the eye with a tool or object, is a common cause of vision problems for workers.

How can you avoid eye problems?

First, always wear the appropriate safety gear when working with hazardous materials or in a bright environment. Second, take breaks often and get away from the light if you are working in an industrial setting. Finally, see your doctor regularly for checkups and never hesitate to seek medical attention if you get injured.

What are workers’ compensation benefits for eye injuries?

Among other things, workers’ compensation benefits for eye injuries can include medical expenses and income replacement. Medical expenses can cover the cost of treating a worker’s eye injury, including doctor visits, surgery, and prescription medication. Income replacement benefits can help workers who are unable to work due to eye injuries. Just remember that the first step is to seek medical attention immediately and report the injury to your employer.

Although it’s possible to avoid most eye injuries, accidents do happen. If you are an injured worker, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Workers’ compensation can provide vital benefits to help you get back on your feet.