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To settle your vehicle accident claim or not: Only you can decide

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Auto Accidents

One of the top concerns for virtually all motor vehicle accident victims is financial compensation. It is not because people are greedy. It is because crashes can lead to financial hardships. Victims typically incur big medical bills and miss time at work, especially if the accident was serious.

Many people want to know if they should settle their legal claim or fight it out in court. Unless we represent you and know the details of the case, we cannot give you advice about whether or not to take a vehicle accident settlement.

Some pros and cons of settling a legal claim

Let’s look at some pros and cons of settling out of court.

  • Pro. Settling a legal claim typically occurs much faster than litigation. If you need compensation quickly, settling is a good option.
  • Con. You will likely receive less compensation than you would have gotten by litigating your claim. Weigh your need for speed against your overall financial hardships to make the best choice.
  • Pro. Settling your legal claim means you get a guaranteed amount of compensation. Knowing that they will get at least some of their financial needs addressed is a big motivation for many victims.
  • Con. You may feel justice was not served if you settle your legal claim. When a crash is particularly devastating, the need for justice can outweigh the need for fast compensation.
  • Pro. Settling often means fewer costs on your end.

We invite you to continue reviewing our website and blog for additional information about acquiring fair compensation after motor vehicle accidents. You may also reach out to us for personalized guidance.