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Could poor maintenance cause truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Even with the many advancements in safety, truck accidents won’t go away. Human error will always exist in some form, creating the risk of collisions on the road. Trucks traveling through New Jersey present significant hazards since a tractor-trailer could deliver massive damage. For this reason and others, people who are responsible for putting trucks on the road must take proper care of the vehicles. Unfortunately, oversights, omissions, and negligence happen. Accidents and civil accidents might occur when trucks fall into a state of neglect.

Maintenance failures and trucking accidents

Even the most minor oversight in maintenance could lead to an accident. For example, not replacing worn windshield wipers might create a calamity if rain starts to fall. Not taking care of the brakes, tires, wheels, and other vital parts could lead to a collision that could have possibly been avoided.

A tractor-trailer may need a significant distance to come to a complete stop when traveling at high speeds. If the brakes don’t work properly, the vehicle might not stop. A multi-vehicle collision may be a horrifying result.

Issues with tires and wheels may lead to similar disasters. Tire blowouts aren’t the only potential disaster. Pieces of tire or wheel components might fly off the vehicle, potentially injuring someone.

After an accident occurs, an investigation may commence to figure out who was negligent. Perhaps the truck driver had nothing to do with the accident, but poor maintenance caused the disaster. Lawsuits may then face the direction of those responsible for repairs and care.

Maintenance and negligence

When a trucking company does not perform the vehicle’s routine service, management could put a dangerous vehicle on the road. Therefore, the trucking company might face potentially credible claims of negligence. Knowingly placing a malfunctioning vehicle on the road could also lead to injuries and negligence suits.

Repair professionals who perform poor-quality work may become negligent for injuries. Cutting corners or ruining a repair job could lead to a fatal collision. A repair technician and his or her employer may face civil litigation upon contributing to an accident.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks sometimes result from maintenance. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist those who suffer injuries.