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Police misconduct: how to file a complaint against an officer

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Police Brutality

If you are ever involved in a police stop in New Jersey and suspect that your rights are being violated, it is critical that you simply comply and take some necessary steps to document the situation. This is the same advice if you’re also a witness to police misconduct. The best response to police misconduct is to report it as quickly and accurately as possible. The following includes a list of the steps to take.

Document everything

The fact is that being in a situation where you’re being intimidated by a police officer can be a frightening and upsetting experience. This can lead to not being able to remember how exactly everything happened during the encounter. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure that you are writing everything down. Write down the street name, the time of the stop and everything that was said during the initial stop. If you want to take it a step further, you may even wait until the officer has left to interview witnesses around you who may have a statement to share. If the situation is much worse, such as instances of police brutality, then finding someone with a video of the incident is key to proving your case.

Seeking legal advice

If you are arrested due to what you believe is a false allegation, it is incredibly important to contact a misconduct attorney as soon as possible. You should find a lawyer with specific experience in misconduct because other attorneys may not have the expertise to deal with these types of cases.

File a report against the officer

It should be noted that you should never attempt to file a police misconduct report against an officer until everything has been resolved. This is because it can actually hurt your case as you are providing key evidence to police. Once the form has been created, make sure you send a hard and digital copy to your police department.

As the information above suggests, police brutality cases can be very complex and difficult. Police departments will fight you on this charge because their reputation hangs in the balance. Always ensure that you have the right legal team behind you to protect your rights throughout the case.