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Survey shows most drivers concerned about rise in distractions

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Many drivers in New Jersey go around without paying attention to the road. The rise in smartphone use has exacerbated this, and many drivers have become concerned that the roads are simply becoming less and less safe. A recent survey has shown this to be the case.

What the survey revealed

The artificial intelligence firm Netradyne commissioned a study on distracted driving, and part of the study was a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. This survey, which ran online from February 25, 2020, to March 10, involved 1,248 drivers, all 18 or older and with a standard driving license as well as a car that they would use at least once a week.

It turns out that half of respondents feel driving is becoming less safe in general, and 82% expressed their concern over a rise in distractions in particular. Yet 91% of respondents believed themselves to be safe drivers with less than half admitting that they could improve in terms of safety. They were quick to criticize other drivers with a fifth, calling commercial truckers unsafe.

Most distracted driving crashes are preventable

Netradyne is striving to improve driver safety with vision-based and AI-driven technology. In this regard, 29% of respondents showed interest in AI. Still, the important thing is that distracted driving is entirely avoidable when drivers are responsible and use vehicle safety features.

Legal help for victims of car crashes

Maybe you incurred a personal injury at the hands of a driver who was on the phone, eating and drinking or putting on make-up while behind the wheel. Whatever the form of distraction, that other driver is responsible for your losses, and if they are so extensive that PIP benefits cannot cover them, you may file a third-party insurance claim. A lawyer may assist with this complicated process.