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Top ways nurses can keep themselves healthy while on the job

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Nurses continue to prove how important they are in the medical field and for patients. So, it is important that they practice solid safety protocols while on the job. When there is a shortage of nurses, it causes a gap in medical care. By preventing injuries and illness, nurses can be the cog that keeps the medical machine working without skipping a beat. There are several ways nurses in New Jersey can keep themselves healthy. Here are the top ones.


The importance of keeping the hands clean cannot be overstated. This goes for nurses as well as the general public. Washing the hands as recommended by health guidelines is a given. Medical equipment is heavy. Therefore, it should be transferred and moved with a lift. Practicing good ergonomics is still important, and so is using good body mechanics. It is well-known that nurses are tough, but they should remember to ask for help when necessary like when a patient needs to be moved, which can prevent an on the job injury.


Since nurses are around sick people, getting the flu vaccination is a good idea. Immunizations against other pathogens is also recommended. When handling hazardous waste such as needles, practice caution. Most medical offices post a protocol poster in patient rooms as a refresher. Nurses can work long shifts, but getting enough sleep is still important. Plus, they should practice self-care, too.


Even though a nurse follows safety protocols, accidents can still occur. When an accident happens and a nurse is injured on the job, it is important to follow those protocols. Nurses have a right to worker’s compensation. In order to access it, every step must be taken to ensure that the case does not fall through the cracks or gets rejected. Hiring a legal professional who specializes in this field of the law may be worthwhile to help the case.