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What are the leading causes of serious workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries can happen in every profession, from construction to health care. Some are minor and quickly recovered from.

Unfortunately, serious workplace injuries can have a serious impact on your future. Here are some of the most common injuries to look out for.


According to Liberty Mutual Insurance’s 2019 report, nearly a quarter of workplace injuries were caused by workers overexerting themselves. Long hours with overtime, lifting heavy objects, and not getting enough sleep or regular breaks can all increase your chance of overexertion injuries. If your job requires you to twist, bend, or crawl for periods of time, you may also end up overexerting yourself.


Falls can happen in several ways. You could trip over cords on the ground, slip on spills, or lose your footing on unstable terrain. Even falls on the same level, such as from standing to the ground, can be a serious hazard and cause potentially lifelong consequences. Many falls could have been prevented by proper training, equipment use, and setting up a safe environment.

Struck by objects

This is a hazard on construction sites, but it this also commonly happens in manufacturing factories. Similarly, a worker may sustain an injury when they hit a door, drawer or another object. These injuries cost employers over $1 billion a year.

Car accidents

Even the most careful driver may be involved in an accident. The truck you drove may not have been serviced recently, you could have been asked to drive in unsafe weather, or other drivers might be reckless. Because of the weight of the motor vehicles and the speed involved, these workplace accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.

Repetitive strain injuries

Repetitive motions, whether large or small, can tire you out, pinch nerves, and wear down your joints quickly. Carpel tunnel is one of the most well-known examples as generations of people working at the computer can attest. Factory workers on assembly lines also experience this injury. Repetitive strain can knock you out of work for a while as these injuries may be slow to heal.

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, it’s important not to make decisions or sign paperwork before you understand your rights. A consultation with an experienced injury lawyer can help explain your options and get you compensation for your injury.