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Wrestling star gets sixth DWI charge in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | DWI

A former WWE wrestling star is in legal trouble after she was arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey. The case is notable because it is her sixth charge. It is also the third time that she has been picked up on these charges in the previous 12 months.

According to the authorities, the 46-year-old woman was going down Dupont Avenue in Seaside Heights. It is a one-way road, and she was driving the wrong direction. That was enough to warrant a stop, and the officers who talked to her then said that they discovered her license had been suspended. She was driving anyway.

They looked into things a bit further and came across an open alcohol container in the car with her. Her charges indicate that they believe she was actively drinking while she was in the car, not just driving under the influence. She also got charges for not stopping properly at a stop sign and driving recklessly.

In 2016, the woman was arrested for driving under the influence three different times in Pennsylvania. When she talked to the media about it in 2017, she said that she was hoping to go to rehab, indicating that the root of the issue is alcohol addiction. However, it is unclear if she ever did so, and now she is facing the same type of charges all over again.

When DWI charges start to stack up, the ramifications get very serious. You also begin running into other related issues, like driving without a license. Those who are facing these types of allegations need to know all of the legal defense options they have, especially when addiction plays a significant role.