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The risks of driving with a suspended license

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Firm News

Most teenagers count down the days until they receive their driver’s license in the mail. It’s a symbol of personal freedom and the ability we have to transport ourselves. Most adults take this freedom for granted – until it’s too late.

Reasons behind a license’s suspension

Despite popular belief, suspensions are pretty common for most drivers, especially for drivers involved in multiple accidents. In New Jersey, driver’s licenses operate on a point system where each traffic offenses is a specific amount of points. If you accumulate a particular number of points, you may receive a suspension.

For example, if you receive 12 points on your driver’s license within two years, you will have a suspension. Or if you earn 15 points in a period greater than two years, your license is suspended.

It does not have to be multiple traffic offenses; if you are involved in a crash that kills or severely injures someone, your license is suspended. If a driver has a DUI on their record, they receive a minimum three-month license suspension. For repeating drunk drivers, it is possible to have your license revoked for ten years.

Penalties for driving on a suspended license

If you drive with a suspended license, you receive large fines or even possible jail time, depending on the circumstances. For the first offense, the court will sentence you to a $500 fine. If you repeat the offense, you will have to pay a $750 penalty and spend a maximum of five days in jail. If you are caught driving on a suspended license for the third time, you will pay $1,000 and spend ten days in jail.

However, there . On the first offense, you spend between 10 to 90 days in jail, pay $500 and have an additional year added to your license’s suspension.

The potential punishments for driving during a suspension outweigh the necessity for transporting to a specific location. But some drivers do not know they are driving during a suspension. There is the possibility of a point miscalculation, license suspension without notification and other situations.

If you are caught driving during a suspension, you need to make sure your driving record is accurate and the suspension was not a mistake on the court’s behalf. If it was, you need proper representation to defend you during court proceedings.