There are many ways that you can be injured on the job. The common perception, though, is that, to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you must have been hurt in a traumatic accident. What if your injury didn’t come about because of a single incident-lifting, bending, carrying-but was the result of months or years of doing the same thing over and over? Can you recover workers’ compensation benefits for debilitating injuries caused by repetitive stress or motion on the job? The answer is yes. To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey, you need only show two things: you were injured and the injury happened at work.


If you run a machine at work, you know that, even with routine maintenance, the machine starts to break down after performing the same operation time and time again. The human body is the same way. The constant repetition of certain types of motions, or exposure to certain types of stress, can overtax your joints and connective tissue, leading to serious pain.

Other types of repetitive motion or stress injuries can be more difficult to show. Repetitive actions using your hands, such as typing, punching a cash register, clicking a mouse or assembling a product, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Repeatedly lifting even a tiny amount can cause inflammation of nerves, particularly when there’s little or no recovery time.

Jobs that put mental or emotional stress on you on a regular basis-working as a law enforcement officer, firefighter or paramedic, for example-can cause a lot of physical stress to your body organs, and can cause heart attack, stroke or other conditions.


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