Township commissioners for Neptune Township, New Jersey have voted to release a secret report that documented the municipality’s investigation in 2013 of allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination within the township’s police department. The announcement came as township officials faced mounting criticism and scrutiny, as well as legal requests pursuant to lawsuits filed against the township.

The report was ordered by the township committee in 2013 after two female police officers alleged sexual harassment and discrimination. Those officers-Sergeant Elena Gonzalez and Sergeant Christine Savage-both settled their lawsuits, but subsequently filed new actions, alleging that the sexual harassment had not stopped. Citing the unwillingness of township officials to address the allegations of sexual harassment, Officer Gonzalez resigned in April, 2017. A third officer, Kyheem Davis, has also filed legal action against the township, saying he was the victim of retaliation when he publicly corroborated the allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against Gonzalez and Savage.

Critics of the township say the report was completed and submitted to the township in January, 2014, but township committee member never voted to accept the report, thereby keeping it from becoming a public document. Attorneys for three officers filed subpoenas requesting a copy of the report in 2016, but the court denied the request, saying the document was covered by attorney-client privilege.

The report, prepared by Gregory K. Turner Investigations and Consulting, included interviews with more than 30 witnesses and concluded that there was no harassment directed specifically at either of the female officers. It did indicate that one of the male officers in the department repeatedly pointed his genitals in the direction of female officers and made noises like he was firing a gun.


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