A civil sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against former Mercer County prosecutor Joseph Bocchini in January, 2017. The complaint, filed by an anonymous subordinate, alleges that Bocchini repeatedly used lewd and suggestive language, and forced himself upon her while working as her supervisor.

In papers filed in Mercer County Superior4 Court on January 20, the victim alleges that, shortly after being appointed prosecutor in 2003, Bocchini began a systematic and unremitting pattern of behavior, characterized as “constant sexual advances.” According to the allegations, Bocchini used sexually explicit language, including the statement “bang me at your leisure,” and often made references or innuendos related to female body parts. She said she asked Bocchini to stop the offensive behavior, but nothing changed.

The plaintiff, who had worked for the prosecutors’ office for nearly 20 years, also alleged that Bocchini had touched her without consent and that the touching was sexual in nature.

Bocchini retired from the prosecutors’ office in March 2015. Shortly thereafter, an anonymous letter to The Trentorian charged that Bocchini had sexually harassed female employees for almost ten years. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office subsequently initiated a criminal investigation.

According to the woman’s attorney, there are e-mails containing sexually explicit conduct. Though some of those e-mails mysteriously disappeared, the court has ordered that all e-mails be preserved. Sources also say that the parties unsuccessfully attempted to mediate the dispute during a day-long mediation session in June, 2015.


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