School Superintendent Jason Eitner has been put on paid leave until the end of December, as the Waterford Township Board of Education looks into allegations that he engaged in both sexual harassment and ageism. Eitner has been in the post for about 18 months.

According to officials, three senior teachers have notified the Board of Education that they will be filing sexual harassment and age discrimination lawsuits. They filed a petition with the Office of the Commissioner of Education, stating that more than 25 individuals in the district had been victims of “inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment and age discrimination by Eitner.

Eitner, however, says it’s just the three teachers, who are unhappy with sweeping changes he is trying to make. He says that he has been the victim, as his opponents have subjected him to a number of investigations that have interfered with his efforts to make positive changes in the Waterford Township Schools. Eitner was initially placed on 60 day administrative leave on October 19, but the board voted on Monday, December 19, to extend that leave until the end of the calendar year.

The board’s decision to extend the paid leave and take no other immediate action was met with disappointment by many of the 35 people who were waiting in the school’s cafeteria during the meeting. Mostly teachers, the group had hoped that the board would resolve the issue. Eitner referred to the extension as “more time to enjoy my family and relax.”


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