When you work in construction, you are constantly surrounded by delivery trucks, heavy equipment, and other vehicles. But you can also sustain injuries in a work-related motor vehicle accident if you work behind a desk most of the time. Anytime you travel for work, even if it’s just to get supplies or attend a cross-town meeting, you are at risk of injury in a car or truck accident. When you do suffer injuries in a job-related crash, you want to take all appropriate measures to pursue full and fair compensation.

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If you were operating heavy equipment, or were involved in a motor vehicle accident on a construction site (and you did not cause the accident), you can file for benefits under the New Jersey workers’ compensation laws. Your initial application for benefits will be through your employer, with benefits customarily paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider.

If you were traveling in the course of your employment, you will be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits for any losses sustained in a vehicle accident. If, however, you left the office on work-related business, but took a detour to attend to personal matters, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to claim the injury was work-related, and won’t be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits for your losses. In such a situation, your sole source of recovery would be through a private personal injury action in court.


Workers’ compensation is designed to provide benefits for injuries suffered because of the negligence or carelessness of your employer or a co-employee. If your injuries were caused by an unrelated third party, you can pursue compensation is a separate claim in a court of law. You will be required to go through the civil trial process, with discovery and other pre-trial proceedings. As a result, it could be months or years before you get any compensation. The filing of a workers’ compensation claim, however, does not prevent you from filing a third party claim.


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