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On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2014 | Firm News

The Paulsboro Freight Train derailment case is headed back to New Jersey Court. No definitive ruling has happened – yet.

The case, however, is interesting because it involves issues of first responders being assigned to help in extremely dangerous situations (without much choice), and how their rights are protected when exposed to toxins that may potentially lead to cancer down the road. It also involves issues of land being potentially condemned due to toxicity, and what that means for those residents in the area, property values, and cities such as Paulsboro and other areas that have suffered egregious harm from toxic accidents.

At the moment, the case in question involves the approximately 100 people who sued because of personal injuries suffered relating to the Paulsboro derailment disaster. The disaster happened on November 30, 2012, when seven freight train cars derailed on East Jefferson Street Bridge, falling into Mantua Creek. One, and possibly more, of the freight cars leaked some 23,000 gallons or more of toxic vinyl chloride into the air and water. This substance is used in making plastic and vinyl products like wire coatings and pipes and it toxic and carcinogenic.

The first responders were exposed during the rescue process. Additionally, 700 residents living nearby were evacuated or told to stay in their homes.

Unfortunately, the first responders and the residents involved in the suit, also called plaintiffs in legal terms, say they are having extensive coughing fits, respiratory problems, increased cancer and future illness risk. The residents also claim that the property values have dropped significantly as a result of the disaster.

Evidently, part of the issue is that Conrail allegedly did not maintain the bridge appropriately, and that it has had a history of malfunctioning. In fact, the bridge is being replaced. The plaintiffs also say that the train ran a red signal.


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