A NJ state trooper is credited with saving the life of a worker who was injured at a construction site along the Garden State Parkway. Trooper Mike Kleissler was called to the site in Brick after a worker was injured while cutting concrete pipe for drainage and the diamond saw he was using kicked out of the pipe and reflected back to his body. Trooper Kleissler arrived on the scene to find Ryan Jenkins, 31, with a gash in his check that went all the way to the bone. Kleissler quickly responded by using a packet of Combat Gauze that clots blood quickly and stops bleeding. Jenkins was rushed to the Jersey Shore Medical Center, where he still is recovering from injuries. 

When you are injured on the job, you are able to collect workers’ compensation from your employer for medical expenses and lost wages. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation is not always enough to cover for your personal losses and additional financial hardships that you may face after an injury. The workers’ compensation laws do not prohibit an injured worker from taking legal action against other companies or individuals who may have caused the accident, in whole or in part. This right to sue a third party is especially important in catastrophic injury cases, where the workers’ compensation amounts may not fully support the injured worker and his or her family.

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